Aug 7, 2015

Tyra and Riley are messing up in class, and not following the class rules.  Passing their classes by the skin of their teeth. And bored with their professor's lectures, they have stating playing on their cell phones. Until Professor Christian catches them, and demands they come to his office for a meeting. Where he emphasizes the only way to pass the class is with long.....hard.....pleasing work. The second update is the old scene that was corrupt.  The "Love Affair" scene. I have though uploaded all the orginial photos in case you need to redo all of that too. 

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Feeling connected to someone in such a passionate way can bring 2 people together in such a sensual way. Touching, kissing, rubbing, caressing, feeling. Hot desire betweentwo people needing each other so romantically til they have fulfilled that carnal need.

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Tyra Scott soaks in your hot bubble bath, cover every inch of her ivory skin with her lathered up loofah. Then smearing shave gel all over her legs, shaving them to be silky smooth. But that's not all. Her private area also needs a trim. Covering herself in shave gel, trimming that herself for a perfect triangular landing strip!

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This is an old recording of one of my old cam shows from way back when. I love the outfit. That fishnet red lingerie and thigh-highs. Soooo SEXY!Stripping down, stroking and toying myself til I explode. Licking up all my sweet goodness. 

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Apr 22, 2015

 I have been doing a clean up of my harddrive and have been finding some old cam shows I recorded. I love this black lace outfit I am wearing in this show. Not to mention, there is quite the happy ending... all over my face.

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Fancy that, I am all tied up. Naked. A slave to Venus Lux, my mistress, and her boy toy Robbie. Teased and spanked, whipped and used. Filled and fucked by his cock and her cock. Till my face is covered in their love.

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Mar 16, 2015

I love to feel your big hard cock in my hands, massaging  you. Feeling you pulse as I stroke your cock, bringing you closer and closer to exploding.  Your cum filled balls tightening...squeezing your cock til you give me that sweet sweet cum.

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I am ready for your hot big cock when you come home from work. I sitting there horny and lusting for you.  Come to me and give me the sweet cum.

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Feb 23, 2015

Join me for a wankingly  good time as I get naughty with myself on cam.

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Delia and I are at again, but this time, our summer vacation buddy Christian has disappeared on us while we were at the pool. So after a little sun bathing, we went back to the hotel room to find him, and low and behold, he was laying in bed. So being the wild devious naughty girl I am, I convince Delia to take a peek at his cock. But we couldn't just take a peek...

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Jan 22, 2015

I love to masturbate and fuck myself, especially when people are watching, and what better way to reward those who like to watch me, that by toying my tight hole, then shooting a hot load all over my face!

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Simple, pure and innocent. Intoxicating love and desire, needing to experience what I have not had before. Touching, feeling, kissing, licking... being pushed over the edge of sexual desire and pleasure. Hope you enjoy this one.

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Aug 28, 2014

There are things between 2 people that always make the most intimate moments more passionate, more intense. You have to have that right amount of passion, need, lust, longing, desire. In this scene you will find just that. Especially when someone can allow themselves to completely surrender to the other.

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Feb 21, 2013

I am not much for video games, and very rarely ever play, but when I am hanging out with Venus Lux, we always seem to end up playing videos games in our panties and bra. But this Venus Lux, decides to turn her attention to me, instead of always kicking my butt in the video game. I assumed she was just playing around, since I have never been with another tgirl before. All the while I am actually getting turned on. I am getting hard in my panties and Venus takes full advantage of me.

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I love sexy lingerie. Wearing it for you, modeling it for you. It turns you on doesn't it? Rubbing your hands on my body in my new sexy lingerie... ooh, you're turning me on.

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I have many turn-ons and someone women would get upset catching their guy watching porn, but not me. I get turned on when I catch my guy watching porn. Seeing him stroke his big cock, and now I want it, filling me, giving him what he wants. To live that fantasy.

Video: 18:36

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Tyra turned on by remembering her affair with a married man, Christian. Wanting him again, she calls him begging him to come to her again. Touching herself while on the phone with him. He finally gives in... coming to her.

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Tyra and best gal pal Delia are hanging out and you guessed it, in their panties and bra. Feeling so sexy, then feeling eachother. Crossing those lines into translesbian and loving, Tyra goes all the way.

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