Added on February 1, 2016

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If you loved Part 1 of What Happens In Vegas with Tyra and Rob Yaeger, then you are going to love this continuation. With the best happy ending, of Tyra's ass getting filled with the hot sweet love of Rob Yaeger.

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What Happens in Vegas

Tyra Scott is enjoying a little time off, and after a night of gambling and clubbing she heads back to her. Unknown to her, Rob Yaeger is following her. He has been watching her all night. Seeing her dance in clubs, win and then lose it at the tables. He wants her, to take her, to devour her. Knocking on her door, bewitching her with his devilish seductive piercing eyes... she finds out what happens in Vegas.

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Tyra Scott Fucks Her Yoga Instructor

Tyra and her yoga instructor start out with some innocent yoga moves, but this deal quickly takes a turn into something much crazier. Next thing you know, Tyra's sucking this dude's hard cock and before long, that cock is stuffed deep inside Tyra's tight little asshole. These two fuck like rabbits until they both explode all over each other. You're going to love this one!

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Tyra Scott Butthole Teasing

Check out Tyra naked, on the couch, teasing and and fingering her sweet pink tight hole. Making it nice and ready for her finger to slide in and out. Finger fucking her sweet little asshole into total ecstasy!

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